Monday, July 13, 2020

Donnie Crossed The Line This Time

There are regularly moments when Trump does something when members of official DC think that THIS IS THE MOMENT. HE HATH VIOLATED ALL SENSETH OF DECENCY SIRRAHS. Because it is elite DC and none of them care about policy that doesn't impact their wallets, these violations are generally about personality. OH NO HE CRITICIZED A TROOP. OH NO NOW HE HAS GONE AFTER AMERICA'S MOST BELOVED MAN, FAUCI. Threw a drink at the wrong person at a party. That kind of thing.

But even if that is the moment, what is supposed to happen? Somebody should do something. The celestial hall monitors or maybe the marshal of the Supreme Court are coming!

Nobody has infinite power but lots of people with some power are looking around the room waiting for somebody else to do something. Ah well nevertheless.