Thursday, July 30, 2020

Just The Flu

150,000 dead and no end in sight. My expert Dr. Dr. Atrios, Ph.d MD take is that measures which can allow life to return to somewhat normal (mask wearing as a standard practice, no indoor dining and similar) once the new case rate is low, are also measures which can flatten the curve and stop cases from exploding but not enough to significantly lower them.

The initial round of medicine needs to be harsher, and 30-60 days of strong lockdown is necessary to deal with a state like Florida. Any official measures can be helped or hindered by a culture that embraces or rejects the basic advice (enforcement isn't really the way, you need leadership and general buy in from the populace).

MAGAs coughing in each others mouths to own the libs, a president who can only manage his new tone for about 7 minutes (long enough to get the bobbleheads to praise him for it yet again), and a conservative media telling "you" constantly that it's all a plot to steal your vital essences, are going to make dealing with this impossible no matter what the relevant stupid governor makes official policy.

Almost August! Gonna open up by Easter, 2021!