Thursday, July 23, 2020

Masks Up

More places are adding mask requirements. Forget the details about precisely what rules should have been applied where, if Trump and the Republican governors and the conservative movement hadn't settled on the virus being a hoax (the seriousness of it at least), basically, and hadn't made everything about OWNING THE LIBS... if they (including Trump) had just said "This is serious, we think we can open safely as long as people are careful, please wear masks when possible, please do not have large gatherings," etc. As in, just taken the damn thing seriously while still going ahead with WE MUST OPEN UP EVERYTHING. Instead of WE MUST OPEN UP EVERYTHING AND THE NEW SOCIAL GREETING IS TO COUGH IN EACH OTHER'S FACES.

Obviously a lot of other things could have and should have been better, but simply pretending to take it seriously instead of telling the MAGAs that it was all a liberal plot to steal their vital essences would have helped. Some!