Wednesday, July 29, 2020

So Everybody In The School Then

I am dumb and I don't have the solution, but I suspect there just isn't one within the realm of possibility, especially but maybe not even because of the limits of our politics.
Just days after Alcoa City Schools began slowly welcoming students back to class during the coronavirus pandemic, an individual has tested positive for the virus.

The school system announced Friday night that an individual at Alcoa Middle School has tested positive for COVID-19 and contact tracing has been completed.

"Anyone who has been in close contact with this person will be notified by phone messaging system and email within the next 24 hours," wrote director Rebecca Stone.

If notified, the student will need to quarantine for 14 days unless a doctor's note or negative test shows it's possible to return sooner. Students are expected to continue working digitally, but are not permitted to attend school or any school activities.
I don't know the specifics here, of course, but in general the burden on teachers trying to make this sort of dual system work is absurd, and quite likely the uncertainty for everybody involved makes it just not worth it.