Sunday, July 05, 2020

What's The Plan For Shutting Down Schools

Or, specifically, what's the trigger? How many sick people in a classroom/dorm/school/university before they pull the plug?

All the "opening up" plans I've seen, whatever their merits, all are about enforcing social distancing measures. I'm not sure how realistic any of that is at any level (Pre-K,K, elementary, high school, residential college), as expecting either 9-year-olds or 19-year-olds not to get near each other is a bit nuts, if for different reasons. But if people start getting positive tests, then what?

It's horrible, but wishing for normalcy doesn't make it possible. Yes I am dumb and maybe people smarter than me have this stuff figured out, but I haven't seen anything that is much better than "the plan is... hope."