Monday, August 17, 2020

Gotta Try Something

I know that the House Democrats are not all powerful, but "can't win, don't try" is less inspiring than, "the fucking bastards beat us."

I also don't think "yelling at them on the internet" necessarily helps, but, well, what else can I do? Not yell at them on the internet? Only superpower I have. Worst comic book ever.

Every 2 (and 4) years people beg for money and time from people who can hardly afford either to put them into office and a lot of people respond. "Really not much point, unless we have the presidency and 60 votes in the Senate" is not a strong way to motivate people to care much. "Democrats only have power if they have the trifecta+, otherwise Republicans rule" is an odd view of governance.

The post office issue is, to me, less about the election than the complete dismantling of the connective tissue of society. I've read "privatize the post office" arguments for years as they were all the rage because DC conventional wisdom was taking us there. Dumb pundit arguments usually follow, not lead, what our overlords are planning. Everybody's always trying to get on board. And now people can't get their medicine because we combined "privatize the post office" with "of course we should mail life saving drugs to people." I can imagine a world without basic universal first class mail* - though I'm not sure why I should - but we'd have to create that world and nobody has bothered to try.

*Privatizers always get slippery about what they mean, and if you point to a bad part, they say that bad part isn't what they have in mind, but ultimately there is no good point to it other than somethingsomething USPS wastes money on salaries for black people so we should waste money giving PROFIT to rich people instead.

...adding, I missed the "good they're doing something!" point which I thought was implicit but sometimes things are clear in my head and not obvious.