Tuesday, August 18, 2020

One Minute Rhymes That Don't Come Out Right

I don't deny that charisma in politics matters, that a good speech can change some minds, that good politicians know how to win people over,in person or from the teevee. But I'm endlessly frustrated that the theater of politics is the primary focus of so many professional Advanced Politics Knowers. Words speak louder than actions, the kayfabe is real, the policy doesn't matter.

I suppose it's a bit like how music reviews focus on the lyrics. They're easier to write about than the music. But whatever contribution a good lyric has to a song, a CD (or whatever we call them now) isn't a book of poetry. Easier to comment on the themes of a soaring speech than the impact of policy, or just what it is this person is going to do, though I'm not entirely sure why that is.

And of course more than the show, it's about the meta show. The Advanced Politics Knowers make up hurdles (HE MUST DEMONSTRATE THAT HE CAN LEAD IN THIS SPEECH), and then let us know whether or not the person jumped over them. Objectively speaking, of course.