Saturday, August 01, 2020

Scoop Of A Lifetime

Wow if only you'd been a reporter at a prominent American news outlet so you could have informed the public that the White House was willing to let half the country die because they though it would be good politics.

And Maggie isn't even saying she missed it, just that it wasn't worth being in the paper of record.

Sure they reported on the diversion of scare resources to favored states and governors. Also bad! But that's a bit different than the Trump administration wanting people in blue states to die so that they could blame Dem governors for the deaths!

Not infrequently reporters, because it's extremely important that they be seen as Knowing Things, basically say, "oh, yes, we knew all that." Cool. Why didn't you tell us?

I've been through enough important major events to know that I shouldn't expect them to get off their bullshit even when [looks around at all this] but I keep being surprised.