Friday, August 21, 2020


I get cult leaders (get in that they are crazy in a particular way I can identify and comprehend) want their followers to perish along with them, but killing them off before their own end is a bit odd.
“This thing works — it’s the miracle of all time,” Mr. Lindell, who has a financial stake in the company that makes the compound and sits on its board, said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday. When CBS asked Mr. Trump about oleandrin for Covid-19, Mr. Trump said, “We’ll look at it.”

The unsubstantiated claims alarmed scientists. No studies have shown that oleandrin is safe or effective as a coronavirus treatment. It’s unclear what dose the purported treatment would have, but ingesting even a tiny bit of the toxic shrub the compound comes from could kill you, experts say.

“Don’t mess with this plant,” said Cassandra Leah Quave, a medical ethnobotanist at Emory University.