Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Failsons All The Way Down

It's one thing to have failsons in charge of things. Let the Hapsburgs wear the crowns. Useless nobles can still be capable of surrounding themselves with people who are not useless. But when the failsons start surrounding themselves with failsons and those failsons start surrounding themselves with failsons...

There's (somewhat sadly) genuine value in being well-connected and, as Jared says, being able to "pound the phones." Inevitable, and to some degree "being connected" is something that can be cultivated and not simply inherited. But what happens when the people you call are as useless as you? And the people they call are as useless as them? And none of them are capable of understanding that some people might not be as useless as they are? They bought their way into Harvard, after all. You didn't!

Just as an example, it's one thing to absurdly overpay government money to your pals to provide PPE in the middle of a pandemic. Corrupt, though a bit of it is just how things are always going to work and the system can reasonably tolerate a lot of it. It's quite another to hand them lots of money and not even get the PPE.

Just an example, as I said. Apply it across the board to, well, everything. And it isn't just Trump or Republicans or the government.