Thursday, September 24, 2020


Electeds ask for a lot. They require your vote, for one, which is why I find it pretty offensive when it is commonly implied that the problem is that they are powerless because people just didn't bother to vote. Especially post-2018, when they did and made Pelosi Speaker. I suppose I could bring up 2008 when they were given the keys to the kingdom. People voted.

Small donor money from people who can't afford it, or could certainly spend the money on booze or other entertainment instead. Volunteer time from people who don't have it, or could certainly spend more time with their kids, or drinking that booze, or whatever.

And the truth is that not-very-ambitious members of Congress in safe-ish seats don't have to work very hard, and most of them don't, and the kind of "work" they often do isn't really the kind of work the time-and-money-they-don't-have givers want them to be doing

That's fine, really, even in times like these. You don't need 300 fighters, but you need 30 and for most of the rest to at least stay out of their way. If the people at the top aren't up for the fight, they can get out of the way, at least for a moment.

I don't expect to have much fight when I'm 87. I doubt it occurred to me until I was about 40 that I might be alive at 87.

I definitely don't plan to be a US Senator. It is a job that comes with obligations, especially if you insist on keeping things like important chairmanships just because. At 87 I hope I don't have many of those.

DiFi is just an example. It's a broader issue.