Friday, September 25, 2020

Kids Have Corona Symptoms About Every Other Week

Without even getting into the relevant discussion about child care and general available (not) support systems, of course parents are sending "symptomatic" kids to school. Maybe it's reasonable (if a bit overly hopeful) to expect that parents aren't sending kids that have tested positive, but the idea that they'd definitely pull their kids at every hint of a cough is absurd.
Parents are knowingly sending their children who have coronavirus back to classes in Wisconsin, health officials said on Thursday, which could lead to potential school district shutdowns.

“The health department has worked with school districts since spring to make a plan to reopen,” Kirsten Johnson, Washington-Ozaukee public health director, told NBC News. “Never in a million years did we imagine or think to account for parents deliberately sending their sick or symptomatic child to school.”

There's a bit of a slip in this article, in that "knowingly sending their children who have coronavirus" is not the same as "deliberately sending their sick or symptomatic child to school," but...