Tuesday, September 08, 2020

My Beautiful Bikers

Nobody could have predicted, yadda yadda.
Media reports last week showed that at least 12 states had reported cases connected to Sturgis. The number of people infected had surpassed 260, and the first known COVID-19 death from the event occurred in Minnesota last week.

Given that the 10-day rally drew some 400,000 people, those numbers may not sound that bad. But epidemiologists say the actual number is likely much higher. Limited contact-tracing ability in some states is artificially reducing the case numbers, they say. Plus, there was a strong thread of disdain in the crowd for testing and other safety measures.
I will say it is a bit of East Coast Elitist disdain to pick on the Sturgis organizers and participants and enabling politicians, when universities and university administrators are doing Sturgis all over the country. With predictable results, also, too.