Monday, September 07, 2020

Sure Why Not

Nobody talks about Brexit anymore, even though it kicks in fully on Dec. 31. Some of that is because of All This, but some of that is because Brexit stopped being useful to the organized opposition so they just sort of forgot about it and then somehow all became Lords. Kayfabe everywhere. And now, well, ...
Boris Johnson is drawing up legislation that will override the Brexit withdrawal agreement on Northern Ireland, a move that threatens the collapse of crunch talks which the prime minister has said must be completed within five weeks.

Johnson will put an ultimatum to negotiators this week, saying the UK and Europe must agree a post-Brexit trade deal by 15 October or Britain will walk away for good.

But progress on the already fragile talks will be threatened by plans revealed on Sunday for the UK government to publish a controversial section of the internal market bill on Wednesday that will intentionally try to unpick parts of the withdrawal agreement signed in January. It will include elements of the special arrangements for Northern Ireland that are legally binding.