Monday, September 21, 2020

They're Bad People, Brent

The fiction maintained for decades was that Liberals and Conservatives both wanted (mostly) the same things but they had different ideas about how to achieve them. Jack Kemp and Paul Ryan cared just as much about elevating poor people as any (good) Democrat! You can wallow in nostalgia for an imagined past if you like, but let's at least be real about the present. They are assholes. Just bad people.

Have any of your Republican colleagues ever reached out, publicly or privately, and said the use of violent imagery or language toward you is not OK? No. There are really no dissenters. We have now had a few death threats that have been very publicized where people have been arrested and are incarcerated for it. I can’t remember a public statement or private comment of support.
Really? No Republican member of the House or Senate has ever offered any words of support? Nope.