Friday, September 04, 2020

You're Not The Boss Of Me

Working out well.
Gettysburg College has locked down all of its students in their dorms, at least through the end of the week, after 25 students on Tuesday tested positive for the coronavirus. The Pennsylvania liberal arts college of about 2,400 may be the first in the country to quarantine all students in response to an outbreak.

Classes are being held virtually, and students must stay in their rooms except to pick up food, use the bathroom, go to a coronavirus testing appointment, or speak with a counselor, Dean of Students Julie Ramsey said in a letter to the community. Those who live off-campus can only come on campus to pick up food if they have a meal plan, she added, and most student jobs must be done virtually.

Any student who violates the quarantine will ordered to leave campus and return home, Ramsey said, but they have asked students not to return home during the quarantine. If they must do so, they have to get the travel approved by the university.
This is actually what a lot of the Very Serious Think Pieces about higher ed basically envisioned last May or so. "Let us bring the students to campus, and then not let them leave their dorm rooms. This makes a lot of sense."