Saturday, October 31, 2020


I don't care about the sports story, but just read the correction. Shalit didn't just have problems at TNR, she also had problems subsesquently at Elle and at Salon. How do these people keep getting hired?

Her big scandal at TNR - though it wasn't what actually cost her the job because lol - was a huge very racist article about personnel practices at the Washington Post, which fit very much into the very popular-in-the-90s genre of "black people get all the breaks," especially popular with New Republic editors named Andrew Sullivan.

This David Carr piece is, I think, too kind, and also requires some reading between the lines as Carr's pieces always did (he knows more than he says).

As I said, she didn't just depart "journalism" without looking back. She went on to have mini-scandals at Elle and Salon about things no one much cared about. And, here she is, hired again! Some people's talent is just so indispensable.