Tuesday, October 13, 2020


The imagined golden age of anything was filled with some not very golden things, but the golden age of the internet was "the open internet" and it is closing. A problem with everything retreating behind paywalls is, well, the walls, not the idea that people/companies should be paid.

The "walled garden" days of the pre-internet, of AOL and similar, is returning. Google is a bit more subtle about it, but increasingly their "internet search engine" is structured so that you never leave google.

A difficulty with blogging, a format which was always conversational, these days is there just isn't much to link to anymore. I don't like embedding tweets, but I do it more and more because that's where the linkable conversation exists now, along with breaking news or free-to-link news at all.

Internet advertising was never everyone's favorite thing, but to some degree the open internet did float on top of it, and they fade together.

Yay to everyone who manages to find subscription models that work - email newsletters are the latest - but everything that is effectively unlinkable moves us a bit further away from that open internet.

Only tangentially related to fundraising for this site, but it's stuff I think about when I do.

Thanks to all!