Friday, October 09, 2020

Gambling With The Country For A Few Bucks

There are some true believers who actually are fascists. And there are a lot of real idiots - in Congress for example - who really believe all the FREEEDUM shit they spout. But then there are the hucksters who are smart enough to see what they're doing, rich enough to not need to do what they're doing, and who are doing it anyway.

I think nothing of the the president's best friends on the TV, the Foxy Friends, or Sean Hannity, or any number of similar personalities, but I don't think they're all trying to usher in our glorious fascist century (some probably are). They're just collecting 7 figures and giggling on teevee and what the hell why not. I suppose it was all good for a laugh until 200,000 and counting died.

I don't get it.