Thursday, October 22, 2020


There has never been any obligation to let Murdoch properties into the club of respectable journalists, anymore than there's any obligation to let ATRIOS DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM into that club or OANN or some random Youtuber. If Haggie Maberman wants to talk about the New York Post as somehow similar to the New York Times - the same profession, just with a different style - then journalists generally shouldn't be surprised when the public no longer differentiates between supposedly respectable news outlets and trash.

It seems that Jake Tapper no longer treats Fox News as one of his "sister organizations," but he shouldn't have 11 years ago either.

And, no, the "NEWS AND OPINION ARE DIFFERENT!@!@!!@" bullshit is irrelevant here, as it is almost all the time, but especially as there has never been a meaningful difference between the news and opinion side of Murdoch properties.