Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Nobody Knows Anything

 In "normal" times we can all put on our Real Pundit hats and talk about ad buys and campaign travel, trying to discern the campaign strategy.  You know, last minute swing through Pittsburgh!  Ad buy in Kansas City!  Forcing Trump to waste resources competing in Texas!

I think in normal times that stuff was mostly bullshit, but in these not normal times it's ridiculous to even try to pretend that these stories mean anything at all.  With Covid, all the early voting, having no idea how much Trump and affiliates even have to spend*, and just dozens of reasons this does not resemble a campaign from 2004, nobody knows anything except what the polls say.

*I'm sure the proper answer to this is, "Trump can as spend as much as he wants as long as vendors will accept payment after the fact, because they're all going to be stiffed."