Monday, October 19, 2020

They're Bad People

I get that Objectitudinal Journalists feel the need to take a neutral pose over some traditional political questions, such as, "what should the top marginal tax rate be?" But letting issues be contested as long as one major political party is contesting them, creates a discourse where "is wearing a tan suit in the oval office a crime against humanity?" can be entertained more seriously than, "is murdering your political opponents bad?" if one side is squealing loudly enough about it.

The Right has had the better amplification machine for decades, and every journalist knows this, so they can always squeal more loudly on any given issue of the day. Yes it's always true that "Democrats need to play the game better," but also always important to ask, "why, exactly, are these the rules of The Game and why, exactly, is it completely reasonable to call it, 'a game'?"

Anyway, I've been repeating myself on these issues on this dumb blog for EIGHTEEN YEARS NOW. It gets a bit monotonous, I realize, and in some ways thing are genuinely better than they used to be. And yet...