Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Covid Denialism

I know there's no good way to convince the QMagas, aside from the need for a ventilator, but I do think plenty of "normies" are a bit in denial, in that they don't really comprehend how these things spread.

I'm not trying to make any profound point (rarely so), but if you have Covid (whether you know it or not) and do something like attend a party with 50 people in it, you're probably going to kill somebody. There's some chance you're going to be patient zero for a genuine superspreader event, but even aside from that, one doesn't have to make extreme assumptions about the chain of infection to get to 100 infected people (some get infected at the party, some of those go on to infect other people, some of those go on to infect other people..). 1-2% mortality, there's a corpse.

There are practical limits on the degree of isolation, for a lot of reasons, but just don't go into a enclosed settings maskless with a bunch of people...