Saturday, November 07, 2020

Miserable Failures

I don't waver from my position that before Covid there was no doubt the Bush administration had outdone the Trump administration on the awfulness scale. Still I didn't have nearly the contempt for everybody who enabled Bush, even slightly, that I do for everybody in the orbit of the Trump administration. I get that people - very wrongly - perceived the Bushies as somehow competent, but the idea that Donald fucking Trump could be a functioning president, a fantasy he annihilated with every tweet, was beyond absurd.

In general we make too much of the notion of the president and it is true that an  amiable dunce who delegated the real work to a set of semi competent people could be fine.  But Trump was not amiable, and due in part to his addiction to watching himself run things on TV, could not be anything but a micromanaging chaos agent.

tl;dr fuck ALL of those people.