Sunday, November 08, 2020

Political Junkies Are Not Real LIfe

It is true that "political twitter" is not representative of anything, but neither are "people who read the New York Times" or "people who watch CNN regularly."

Journalists especially love to dismiss "twitter" as not being representative, because that's where people yell at them when they do stupid shit, and where they are confronted with pushback against their CW-Presented-as-FACT,but of course those people are their core audience. They're a reasonably representative subset of the set of people who follow political news regularly through whatever channels.

But, yes, Joe Biden, turn off the twitter. Also turn off the fucking cable news. Turn it off in every damn congressional office, too, which is something I have been saying for years. Back when I would actually visit congressional offices - late bush, early obama era - the omnipresence of cable news was quite obviously brain warping.

Ignoring the bullshit of the day is actually a good plan. Call that "twitter" if you want.