Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Vote Fraud In Philly

I can't find the transcript but during all the election conversation, Rick Santorum, CNN's resident bigoted weirdo and the shame of Pennsylvania, said something like, "We always thought there was voter fraud in Philadelphia, but we just could never prove it."

Philadelphia's voter turnout isn't particularly high (in any year). It's generally a lot lower than the neighoring suburban counties and lower than the state as whole. It does vote around 80% for Democrats. But, you know, it's 40%+ black and has been a Democratic machine city forever.

The only reason to think there's voter fraud (any, but certainly of the kind that would influence a statewide election result) in Philly is if "black people voting" is voter fraud.

And as with many things, the "eyes" are always on the city. If you really had a plan for massive ballot stuffing for a statewide race, you'd do it elsewhere.