Thursday, November 19, 2020

What You Think Is Important Isn't, Stupid Activists

One argument regularly put out there is that whatever activists are fighting for - policy, personnel choices - is misguided and unimportant. Generally whatever people outside the system want is painted as childish and stupid. It's one of the rhetorical tricks used to marginalize anybody but important rich people with nice suits.

An example of this was the fight over the DNC Chair after the 2016 election. A fight requires two sides, of course, and one side kept saying how stupid it was for any activists to give a shit about who the DNC Chair was, even as they threw their (much more powerful) weight behind... giving a shit who the DNC Chair was. It is stupid for you to care about this, so just accept our choice!

Did you know it doesn't really matter who is on the Cabinet? This is a serious argument put forward by serious people any time people decide to care about who is on the Cabinet.

Funny how rich and powerful people seem to care quite a bit, also, too, and no one tells them they're stupid for caring. Maybe it matters just a little bit!