Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Yell Loudly

The entire Republican party - almost every single elected member - would happily steal the election if they thought they could get away with it. They wouldn't call it stealing, but it wouldn't follow any previously accepted path to an outcome for the election, even if Alito and Kavanaugh can construct some ridiculous legal theory for why "the votes of democrats, especially if they are black, only count 3/5."

That this only has what we hope is a remote chance of succeeding under the brilliant management of Jared and Don Jr. doesn't actually make it much less disturbing, and the mere possibility justifies as much opposition to it as one can muster, even if that's limited to screaming at people online (we all have our superpowers).

Whatever happens it's alarming, and those who are more concerned with playing down those fears (not the Biden people, I get their game whether or not it's optimal), are really just complicit in pushing it to happen, like Ben "Give every monster a chance ah well nevertheless" Wittes.