Wednesday, December 02, 2020


My President wants to veto the defense bill (good!) for a dumb reason (twitter is flagging his tweets).

230, which basically means I am not responsible for what you write in the comments even if I engage in some moderation, is what conservatives obsess about. The moderation doesn't flip me from platform to publisher and make me liable for all your libel.

Which doesn't mean a re-examination of 230 is entirely inappropriate, as platforms which push things into your feed are arguably engaged in publishing, even if it's an ALGORITHM that's doing it. Like many things that's above my pay grade, but section 230 doesn't mean what conservatives think it means, and certainly getting rid of it wouldn't mean what they claim it would mean (the smart ones know this, but they don't care). It would definitely mean that twitter would delete Donald Trump's precious twitter account right away so as not to be liable for his bullshit.