Thursday, December 31, 2020


If you consider (ridiculous, but consider it generously for the sake of discussion) the "risk" of doing just a little bit "too much" for poor and middle class people (a check that phases out starting at $75K is that), versus the risk of doing too little or, quite soon, absolutely nothing more, and consider how people are lining up on that choice... Well, they would prefer plunging the economy into a deeper recession and the misery of millions of people on the off chance people might realize government is actually capable of doing things for them.

The people complaining about a $2000 check (and, I know, this was likely never going to happen, but the people complaining about it are so frightened of the possibility that they won't even let it be used as a rhetorical club) are going to be responsible for what is coming, as is everyone who puts up even minor roadblocks to the few options that are available.

Maybe a miracle happens and the Dems take the Senate, but absent that there's this relief bill and there are things that Biden can do on his own, like student debt cancellation. Whatever one thinks about any of these policies on their merits in isolation, the options are "do this stuff" or "do nothing" going forward.

People who never met a tax cut for rich people they don't like have the nerve to lie and claim a $2000 check that phases out benefits wealthy people too much. Larry Summers, who spent the past 2 years trying to get "liberal cred" by arguing for more government spending, suddenly decided this relatively modest amount of money would 'overheat' the economy. None of this is about what they're claiming it is, and if you're really concerned that high income people are getting too much money, raise their damn taxes, including taxing back the 2 grand for people whose 2020 income didn't plunge. But sometimes $400,000 is "middle class" and sometimes $75,000 is "well of". How the fuck does this work?

(Another part of this is, again, all this "targeting" is based on 2019 tax data because that's the best they can do which says nothing about who got screwed in 2020).

They prefer the prospect of the cannibal hordes to the off chance a poor might get a chance to smile for one day. These are sick, sick people, and I'm so tired of the "civility scolds" who tell us we should pretend this is all some sort of high minded intellectual policy debate. Be respectful! Fuck you, rich guy. Go give another speech for $50,000 and explain to your audience how one ration of protein per week is way more than the poors deserve.