Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Cranky Me

I have no patience for being lied to, or being told things aren't possible, or being told that popular things aren't popular, or the use of procedural gimmicks to pretend to support things they don't, or people pretending to try to pass things they don't want to pass.

I'm not dumb about THE WAYS OF WASHINGTON and I don't need lectures from people who put millions of dollars of campaign donor money into their friends' pockets in order to lose elections and then blame people who are mad because the cops are killing people and otherwise acting outside of the law.

No one thinks Trump isn't full of shit and of course if he isn't, temporarily, he will be distracted by a shiny tv spokeswoman tomorrow, but I love how The Advanced Politics Knowers are so goddamn bad at this but sure "defund the police" is their problem.