Friday, December 25, 2020

Larry Is Lying

The important thing about this is that Summers is lying. It isn't that he's wrong about this, it's that he doesn't believe it. He does not think that $2000 checks relative to any baseline or other policies will "overheat" the economy.

That was just a reason he grabbed for. If it was some other policy he didn't like he'd put on his frowny economist face and say it had a "low fiscal multiplier," arguing essentially the opposite, that the spending wouldn't boost the economy enough. For something else, he might go full concern troll and argue that the policy wasn't progressive, relative to some other policy he also wouldn't support if it was being offered.

Appeals to the astrological charts that only the economist possesses is common, but in this case it's bullshit that even he doesn't believe.

More great moments from a real genius:

I guess $2000 checks is just too fucking agressive (again, he's lying, he just doesn't want that kind of stimulus, he wants to make rich people even richer).

Merry Xmas.