Monday, December 07, 2020

Limbaugh Chic

I was in college when Limbaugh became a thing, and, yes, I knew some dudes who were dittoheads. I'm not really even sure how they arrived to that place. What path led them to Limbaugh? They weren't necessarily into politics otherwise. They didn't read newspapers but somehow they owned his book.

Aside from the politics, Limbaugh was "cool." The late 80s/early 90s were weird for a lot of reasons and, I think, weirder than is understood except by the few of us Xers who came of age then. I understand precisely why Limbaugh was cool but find it very difficult to explain well.

It was also when peak life aspiration was getting a home in an upscale golf course development. These things are related.

Our friend Donald Trump also had his fame then. These things are also related.