Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Old Is, What, Anybody Over 30?

Given the basic gerontocracy we live in - and not just government, those who rule almost everything - the continued embrace by some of the idea that only old people die of Covid is a bit weird. I don't fault 25-year-olds for thinking "old" is anybody over 50 (or 40, really), but it seems we have a bunch of 55+ people who don't understand that "old" means them, also, too (I am not yet 55, so I am still young and beautiful. That's how this works.), and their mild hypertension means they have a pre-existing condition.

Morning eyeballing it calculation, but roughly 19% of Covid deaths in the US have been people 64 and under. 8% have been people 54 and under.

Much better to be young, of course, but those aren't trivial numbers.