Monday, January 04, 2021

Conservatives Rule, Liberals Drool

I won't argue that the current new crop of conservatives is completely devoid of interest in policy. They're probably fans of the general conservative laundry list (LOW TAXES), and are more obviously interested in all the racist stuff. But really it's mostly about feeling like they're on top of the heap and pissing off the libs.

Sure they'll say they want to outlaw abortion, for example, and they would certainly do it, but they don't really *care* like the conservatives did in the old days. Even on anything related to eroding gay rights, they'd mostly be in it to OWN THE LIBS.

It isn't that I think the conservatives of old had some Serious Principles Deserving Of Respect. But they had some sort of worldview that was definable as something more than just DRINK LIBERAL TEARS. Cutting taxes was the point, and OWNING THE LIBS was the means to get elected to do that, not the other way around.