Sunday, January 10, 2021

Good Journalism

It's nice when journalism serves to explain to readers what is going on, instead of peforming some elaborate ritual shove it into some boTh sIdEs framework.
WASHINGTON — Republicans in Congress are demanding “unity” after 147 of them voted to try to overturn the election, propping up the very lies that led a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters to violently attack the US Capitol on Wednesday.

The calls for unity came not in the immediate aftermath of the storming of the Capitol, or after the group — a majority of House Republicans plus eight of their Senate colleagues — spent seven more hours forcing votes to try to undo President-elect Joe Biden’s win and citing claims of election fraud that have been repeatedly rejected by the courts and for which there is no evidence. The calls came as Democrats began to consider imposing consequences.

Most political journalism has replaced "tell the reader concisely what is happening in the top two paragraphs" with "maybe in paragraph 23 you'll slip the important part by your editor."