Thursday, January 28, 2021

Lock Him Up

There are politicians who are good and bad (to me) for various reasons, but Cuomo is almost as much of a monster as Trump and I hope his career is over quickly.
ALBANY, N.Y. — The New York State attorney general accused the Cuomo administration of undercounting coronavirus-related deaths at nursing homes by as much as 50 percent, according to a report released on Thursday. The count of deaths in state nursing homes has been a source of controversy for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and state Health Department officials, who have been sensitive to any suggestion that they played any role in the number of nursing home deaths, which the state put at more than 8,500.
I can take the Fauci fans, but that period of "Cuomosexuals" made me want to have Dick Cheney shoot somebody in the face.