Monday, January 25, 2021


That there is a global elite pedophile ring is not actually crazy.
The monthslong review by Dechert LLP found no evidence that Mr. Black was involved in the criminal activities of the late Epstein, who was indicted in 2019 on federal sex-trafficking charges involving underage girls, according to a copy of the law firm’s report that was viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

In its report, Dechert found the fees that the billionaire had paid Epstein were for legitimate advice on trust- and estate-tax planning that proved to be of significant value to Mr. Black and his family. Mr. Black paid Epstein a total of $148 million, plus a $10 million donation to his charity—far more than was previously known.

"[L]egitimate advice on trust- and estate-tax planning." Sure rich guys need that, what was Mr. Epstein charging for this valuable service? Computer, enhance.

$148 million