Thursday, January 21, 2021

Who Lied

Years ago after one dust up about overuse of anonymous sources (W. era), reporters argued that sources wouldn't lie to them because they'd burn those sources if they did. That almost never happens, and I've seen some reporters argue explicitly that it shouldn't happen, as it is on the *reporters* to verify those facts, and if they don't, oopsy. So there should be no consequences for the sources, or the reporters, so...

Well at least here the reporters are getting the real story, but also quite often the real real story is about the lies, so...

“Charlie Flynn is an officer of an incredibly high integrity,” McCarthy said. “Multiple combat tours. He has buried a lot of people. This guy has given a lot to this country. It is incredibly awkward for this officer every day for what is going on with him and his brother, but he puts his head down in, and he is locked in to serve the Constitution.”

Army officials, before and after that interview, denied that Flynn appeared during the call.

“HE WAS NOT IN ANY OF THE MEETINGS!” one Army official said on Jan. 12 in an email to The Post.

Like several others interviewed, the official spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

After being approached with the accounts of multiple officials on the call, the Army sent a statement confirming Flynn participated.

ALL CAPS guy should be outed, for the ALL CAPS.