Friday, February 05, 2021

Hope And Change

One reason I still get very prickly about everything from The Great Recession is that while most of the time all I do is shitpost on this very fine blog, during '09-10 I actually went to DC quite frequently, meeting with members of Congress and their staffs and various groups, trying to formulate inside-outside strategies or anything, literally anything at all, to pressure those who needed to be pressured to do something about the still unfolding disaster. It was no comfort to be proved fucking right, from a political perspective, in November 2010.

I'm not saying I was important or was leading anything, just that I actually put effort in, my own dime and time, for no personal gain, to make something happen, and to run into the same immovable human walls over and over, and to have bullshit printed in the press constantly about what was going on (knowing because occasionally I was a little bit 'in the room') was... frustrating! Welcome to activism, I know.

It was no secret who the villains were, who the immovable human walls were. It was like living through the Iraq war era again, in a way, knowing you actually aren't the crazy person, but everyone with a microphone is talking as if you were. Not me specifically. Again I'm no one. But anybody with my basic, correct, perspective. You know, things like "this is no time to cut spending" and "the Obama administration programs are designed to encourage foreclosures, not stop them," and "actually, they have a slush fund to help people and they didn't even use it."

Anyway, shut the fuck up Larry. By the logic you appy to the unemployed, you should be comfortable enough to never want to work again.