Thursday, March 11, 2021


People can be motivated to run for office and stay there by various impulses. To be a do gooder is still one, fortunately. I think Jeff Merkley is a do gooder, for example. To obtain a long term well paid career is another (there are more and less corrupt versions of this). And, sadly, extreme narcissism is another.
Collins was not pleased to be singled out in such a manner. In an interview, she called Schumer’s comments an “extraordinary” backhanding of his most natural ally across the aisle. And she said there’s been zero contact with the Democratic leader since the election: “He has not spoken to me, no.”


Collins-Schumer rift shocks Senate. They haven’t even talked since the election; she’s talked with Biden four times.

“Why Chuck seems to be going out of his way to alienate the most bipartisan member of the Senate is a mystery to me,” Collins said.

If you had any self-awareness, reading that sentence back to yourself would explain quite clearly why Chuck turns around and runs away anytime he sees you coming in the hallway.

Also, too, unless Collins can deliver 9 other votes her only possible contribution is "making things worse."