Saturday, March 27, 2021

It's All Around Us

Not trying to be vague in the post below, I'm just responding to numerous things. Trying to to push Biden into participating Trump/Biden WWE match, and then when he didn't bite, pretending he did anyway. Pretending to believe the bullshit Republicans pretend to be concerned about, despite knowing they didn't care about those things a month ago. The treatment of any policy dispute as mere partisan bickering, rather than something with severe consequences. Tiptoeing, at best, around the contempt for democracy Republicans are displaying in statehouses all around the country, even after there was organized massive attempt to assassinate the (former) Vice President and numerous members of Congress just 2.5 months ago in order to end the democratic experiment in this country.

The light goes on for about 24 hours, then they are back on their bullshit.