Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Just A Grift

A very frustrating thing during the years of the last guy was that "Democratic" politics got way more griftier. Conservative politics has long been a big grift. It's been that way for decades and decades, predating the internet. Conning retirees out of some cash with direct mail appeals was long the business model.

And, sure, there's long been a bit of a grift in all of this. No one is totally clean. People working in the political-industrial complex have mortgages to pay, sometimes expensive ones. But from 2017 'our side' took it to the next level.

Of course the worst of it was from people who spent their entire careers doing it. I tried to tell you all, but nobody listens to Atrios.

And, no, the fact that they made ads that liberals liked, because they made the bad orange man mad, does not mean they shifted a single vote, and it certainly doesn't mean the corrupt grifters in charge, who saw a bunch of marks, are good people to be welcomed into the fold.