Monday, March 22, 2021


Sometime last summer, during a low case period of covid, I was out walking on a fairly wide path. A couple were coming they other way. My age or so. As I tend to do I stepped off the edge of the path to give them wide berth to get by me without getting any of my covid cooties.

This made the guy a bit annoyed, "we're outside! breeze is blowing! we don't have to do that!" He wasn't a real jerk, but you could tell he probably could be a real jerk about the issue. On that side of the ridiculous "covid safety" culture war.

I'm not personally extreme about being "covid safe." I largely make the effort to be polite to others. I'm not going to get mad if someone invades my space a bit. But that it is polite to do so will annoy the types of people who get annoyed by such things.

After All This, if there is an after, especially if it's a mostly after, people are going to readjust their views of personal space. Wearing masks will remain normal for some, regularly or at least when sick. And some people, like my friend above, will get annoyed and belligerent about it all.