Monday, March 29, 2021

Plus C'est La Même Chose

I've been thinking about how much status quo bias is built into our system, constitutionally, institutionally, and in The Discourse. Merely nudging up or down the top marginal tax rate seems like such a TREMENDOUS DEAL, as does basically anything that does more than slightly change spending in existing programs.

We don't have a parliamentary system, which gums things up already, and then we pile all this other bullshit onto it, including deciding that all legislation must be approved by a Council of David Brookses or some shit.

There's no need for EVERYTHING to be such a big deal. Win elections, change things, lose elections, things get changed again. That's more how it should be. Sure some persistence of policy is good thing, but our system is soooo biased in that direction already.

The fear of getting rid of the filibuster is there because the filibuster is there. It's so hard to change things, that people fear the ability to change anything, because then it's impossible to change it back. We're scared of any laws being passed because it's so hard to undo them.