Friday, March 19, 2021

The Covid Cycle

The timeline has varied across countries and states, but the basic pattern in the US and Yurp has been to end a "lockdown" (whatever measures that involves) early and begin a new one too late.

You don't have to be an advanced math genius to be able to squint at the graphs and see that once that curve turns upwards for about 10 days you're already too late, and when you let it go for another 2 weeks, you're fucked.

Not much comfort that it isn't just the US, that after initial successes last summer, other countries completely screwed up.

And each time it gets harder, as people get somewhat fed up. Most rules aren't enforced or enforceable, really. It all relies on people making a point of doing the right thing, not just for themselves but the greater good. Goodwill fades.

Hopefully the final stretch with the vaccine arrival, but many countries fucked it again (UK finally did the right thing, France and Italy and Spain and others are screwed again).

The vaccine machine might still win in the US! Jabjabjab.