Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A Shortage of Preening Democrats

Various people expressing something along these lines:
Something progressives admire about Biden is that he is a talented “reasonablizer” of their ideas. As Reich told me, “Biden is almost magical in his ability to make progressivism boring. He can say the same thing that Bernie Sanders has or AOC has and say it in a way that causes your eyes to glaze over.” From progressives who are used to even their more modest proposals being tarred as communism, this is a genuine compliment.
I don't think this is about how normal people perceive Biden, or even The Council of David Brookses, though somewhat the latter. What's supposed to happen is that when Biden does something even Bernie Sanders could love, "Max Baucus" and "Bob Kerrey" and "Evan Bayh" and, god help us, "Joe Lieberman" are supposed to run to the cameras and op-ed pages and preen. Sure there's Manchin, but even he isn't really doing that.

That's what reporters want, and if more Dems were giving it to them, it would be all the Council Of David Brookses would talk about, and eventually normal people might hear about it on NPR and be very upset.