Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Criminal Enterprise

I frequently said, during the era of the last guy, that it wasn't the lies themselves but the lying. The complete disregard for truth as any kind of guidepost from which the lies were a deviation. Most "fact checking" was pointless as it failed to confront the fact that it was all just lies which maybe occasionally happened to be true. Only Daniel Dale managed to convey this, or even tried.

Similarly, it isn't this corrupt act or that one, whether it's technically illegal or whether the Marshal of the Supreme Court is finally going to step in. It's the complete disregard for a framework in which there are corrupt acts and noncorrupt ones.

And literally everyone gets tainted by it, including the journalists who have no qualms about betting their careers on juicy scoops from criminal liars.

The libs used to point out just how many people in the Reagan administration got into legal trouble. That said something about the Reagan administration, but it also says something about how much elite impunity as a doctrine has been enshrined since.