Monday, April 05, 2021

Isn't It Fun

OJ trial. Clinton impeachment. Post-9/11. California recall. Iraq war. Swift boat veterans. Sarah Palin and the tea party. The rise and reign of the last guy.

There are moments when a certain class of journalists - the cable news and cable-news adjacent ones, especially - are having so much fun. Everything is important and exciting and somehow they are at the center of at all, and despite the sometimes genuine importance of these events they manage to reduce them to trivialities and gossip.

A good actor can make even boring lines exciting, can turn a PSA into art. They aren't actors, but the challenge for journalists, especially the showy ones, is similar. Gonna be tough, but hopefully some of them can hone their skills to cover more than "LOL DID YOU SEE THE TWEET" in an interesting fashion.

A few things going on at the moment.