Friday, April 02, 2021

Jerbs Day

Unemployent at 6.0%, +916K jobs. Good news!

It wasn't all that long ago that at 6.0% unemployment, economists would start screaming that we're almost at full employment and killer inflation was just around the corner. They're doing that less now.

Maybe we'll even be spared several years of the people in power bleating about "skills mismatch," chastising young people for getting into crippling debt for the supposed wrong degrees as they were told to do, and blaming things on nonexistent robots.

Our system of higher ed might not recover from that rhetoric. Thanks, Obama.

Still a long way to go before getting back to pre-covid levels, but on our way!

Big credit to the Dems who put the best stuff in the CARES Act. Nothing is going to be perfect, and of course plenty of people will have fallen/will fall through the cracks, but... so far, we can say... somehow we did it! We faced a big economic challenge and responded appropriately!

Hopefully we have learned that this is possible as long as you ignore the stupid fucking assholes.